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A Warm Touch
Of Modernity
and Reliability

We put at your disposal more than 40 years of experience. Weekly, our network connects 40 destinations in Madagascar with about 20 regional flights and 9 long-haul ones you can fly to and from Paris, Milan and Bangkok.

A restructuring process started in 2002 has transformed Air Madagascar into an airline of the XXIst century : client-oriented, modern, reliable and profitable. To demonstrate this change, we introduced a new brand in 2004, showing our determinationl to be much closer to our customers in our day-to-day activities. Our wings are at your service.


The National Airline Company “Air Madagascar” was founded under the name MADAIR. The new company ensured the servicing of the domestic network and, in agreement with AIR FRANCE, ensured in parallel the Antananarivo-Paris route, as well as the destinations of Djibouti, Reunion Island, and the Comoros. One year later (1963), the Company was renamed as AIR MADAGASCAR.


To fulfil its international role in the region, AIR MADAGASCAR opened lines servicing Mauritius, Kenya, and South Africa. In 1976, this regional network was expanded to Seychelles.


Purchase of a B747-200 which enabled the Company to fly to Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich and Rome.


AIR MADAGASCAR expanded its international network to Asia and opened an Antananarivo-Singapore route, which was later changed to Antananarivo-Reunion-Singapore.


Initiation of the restructuring process of the Company.


The turnaround program of Air Madagascar became profitable.


To better serve the needs of our customers, Air Madagascar adds a second B767-300 long range aircraft to its fleet and launches services to two new destinations: Bangkok and Milan.

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